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A258, 10 Ton, Bench Hydraulic Press

  1. A258

A258, 10 Ton, Bench Hydraulic Press

Discontinuation Notice

The A258 benchtop press has been discontinued and has been replaced by the VLP106 press.

Model: A258   |  ECCN: EAR99    |   Harmonization: 8479909596
Series:   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools
  • Cylinder mounting adaptor allows lateral positioning along rails
  • Mounting holes for easy mounting to fixed surfaces
  • Push Pin A183 For applications requiring precision pressing, such as shaft removal and insertion. This attachment fits 10 ton cylinders and requires the use of a threaded adaptor saddle A13
  • Smooth Saddle A185 for pressing applications of delicate parts, such as aluminum castings, this saddle decreases surface marks during the pressing application. Requires 10-ton cylinder and threaded adaptor saddle A13

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