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Hydraulic Collet-Lok Swing Clamps

Enerpac Collet-Lok Swing Clamps combine the rotational actuation and clamping force of a hydraulic Swing Clamp with an internal locking mechanism that maintains the applied clamping force without holding hydraulic pressure in the clamp. Ideal for use in large-scale fixtures, they are available in 1000-, 2000-, and 8500 lb. models. Standard models are available in either Threaded Body or Lower Flange configurations. Available modifications include flange top manifold porting, longer strokes, non-rotational versions and special design bodies. Viton seals are standard.
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Collet Lok Hydraulic Swing Cylinder WPF Series

WPFL100V, 2,000 lbs Force, Collet-Lok Swing Cylinder, Lower Flange, Left Turn

Collet Lok Swing Cylinder
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