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Trench Braces and Roof Supports

Roof supports and trench braces are designed for putting up cross timbers and steel beams, aligning steel mine cars, a temporary prop in connection with loading equipment, pulling up and removing slack in power cables and pulling and pushing conveyor lines and controlling the tail piece. Trench braces provide efficient, economical protection against cave-ins and costly redigging in construction and utility maintenance. Braces extend by turning the lever nut handle. The ball socket joints tilt for added safety on angular mounting. Holes on each end facilitate mounting to wood members. Simplex trench braces are designed for use with standard schedule 40 pipe.

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Roof Support Head Assembly Series RS

09267, MS9L-FS Roof Support & Head Assembly, 8 ton (71,2 kN) Capacity, 73 in (1854,2 mm) Maximum Extended Height

Roof Support - Head Assembly
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