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High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinders

Enerpac high tonnage hydraulic cylinders, jacks and rams provide the reassurance and durability you can rely on. These cylinders are designed with special features such as low-wear, high pressure seals, replaceable composite plunger support bearings, and a nitrocarburized finish to deliver exceptional safety and durability. Enerpac High Tonnage Cylinders are ideal for multi-point lifting, applications requiring up to 1000 tons and a maximum working pressure up to 10,000 psi (700 bar). Enerpac Cylinders available for sale fully comply to ASME B30.1 (except BRD-RD-Series). 

  • HCG Series High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinders are single-acting load return. Other features include stop ring, base mounting holes, collar threads, and certified lifting eyes.
  • HCR Series High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinders are double-acting – providing a faster and more controlled hydraulic plunger return.  
  • HCL Series High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinders include a lock nut that provides safe mechanical load holding for extended periods of time. HCL-Series cylinders are single acting load return. 
  • HCRL Series High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinders also include a lock nut and are double-acting for a faster and more controlled hydraulic return. Built-in tilt saddle is standard. 
  • LPL-Series Low Profile Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders are low height, single-acting, load return. These also feature a nitrocarburized finish for corrosion protection, lock nut and a built-in tilt saddle to protect against side load. 

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Single-Acting, High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinder Jack Ram HCG Series
HCG502, 62 ton Capacity, 1.97 in Stroke, Single-Ac...
High Tonnage Cylinder
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