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Controlled Tightening on Dump Truck Suspension Struts




Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


The maintenance team needed to replace the suspension strut bolts on 777F, 785D, 789D and 793F dump trucks. Due to the confined location of the suspension struts there was limited space for accessing the bolts. Existing methods of using flogging spanners often took several hours to replace the nuts, caused minor injuries to hands and the torque was not accurate.


An S1500 hydraulic torque wrench was an ideal tool for removing the space restricted bolts in a safe and efficient manner. The high torque output of the S-Series torque wrench enabled the maintenance team to remove the bolts within 60 minutes, which decreased downtime and provided a more controlled method of loosening and tightening the bolts. The ZU-Series torque wrench pump programmable torque output settings ensured the bolts were tightened with the appropriate amount of torque.


S1500X Torque Wrench, ZU4T-series Torque Wrench Pump