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Turbine and Generator Installation at a New Power Plant in Libya


Sarilar Group


Khoms, Libya


Çal?k Enerji is constructing a new simple-cycle power plant with a 542 megawatt capacity in Khoms, Libya. The Sarilar Group was tasked with installing a GE gas turbine weighing approximately 280 tons and a GE generator weighing approximately 214 tons. Installation required lifting the turbine and generator over 5 meters high and lowering into position on a concrete foundation.


A SBL1100 hydraulic gantry was used to lift both the 280 ton turbine and 214 ton generator off an SPMT and position on the concrete foundation. The SBL1100 hydraulic gantry provided Sarilar Group the ability to maneuver the turbine and generator with precision; improving the safety and efficiency of the installation process.


SBL1100 Hydraulic Gantry