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ER60, 60 Ton, Chain Roller Load Skate

  1. ER60
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ER60, 60 Ton, Chain Roller Load Skate

The ER-Series includes simple heavy-duty machine skates with metal rollers for the low rolling resistance needed for high-capacity load moving projects.
Model: ER60   |   Series: ER   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

ER-Series Heavy-Duty Machine Skates are available in different load capacities up to a maximum of 80 tons (711 kN). Low-profile construction provides increased stability while low rolling-resistance metal rollers allow for easy load movement. This type of machine skate is also known as a chain roller, a caterroller, or a roller skid, and is constructed with a series of steel rollers.

Advantages compared with others are high capacity, low cost, and a small footprint.

Use ER skates with attachable ELP load leveling plates and ES swivel turntables for turning corners. Alternatively, consider a complete set from the ERS machine skate sets.

Each ER/ES/RS product offers...
  • Rugged and sturdy construction for long life
  • Low profile construction for increased stability
  • Low rolling-resistance for easy load movement