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Mirage OD Mount Flange Facing Machines

Mirage OD Mount Flange Facers from Enerpac are an excellent choice when access to the flange bore is restricted. These externally mounted flange facers clamp onto the outside diameter of the flange using quick-set adjustable legs and jaws. As with our ID mount models, these are also used to machine a continuous groove spiral serrated flange finish. Several can also be configured to machine grooves for RTJ (Ring Type Joint) gaskets.

Nearly all facing applications can be achieved using our standard machines, and many accessories are available to meet more specific challenges.

Since joining the Enerpac product portfolio, the technology used in our OD mount flange facers remains true to the tried and tested designs developed by Mirage Machines. Choose one and you’ll benefit from quick set up, easy operation, and repeatable precision for many years.

Models sized from the MM760E and above provide the unique benefit of allowing a milling rail to be attached. This means you can easily machine division slots in heat exchangers - without the need to remove the main machine assembly. An optional attachment also enables machining of the flange backplate.

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MM200E, External Mount Flange Facing Machine, 0-8" (0-203 mm) Facing Diameter

Outside Mount Flange Facing Machines
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