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SWi2025TEMAXEX, 26.9 Ton, ATEX Certified External Hydraulic Flange Spreader Maxi Set, 4.1 in Maximum Spread

  1. SWi2025TEMAXEX
  2. SWi2025TEMAXEX

SWi2025TEMAXEX, 26.9 Ton, ATEX Certified External Hydraulic Flange Spreader Maxi Set, 4.1 in Maximum Spread

The Equalizer SWi2025TEMAXEX Maxi Set is ATEX certified and includes 2 spreader wedge heads with hydraulic cylinders, a sealed hand pump, and a wide range of accessories. The spreaders fit into clearance gaps of 0.24" (6 mm).
Separate flange joints with speed and ease. Using two spreaders will double productivity and ensure even and controlled flange separation. ATEX approval offers extra reassurance when working in specific explosive environments.
Model: SWi2025TEMAXEX   |  ECCN: EAR99    |   Harmonization: 8479899599
Series: SWi   |  Product Line: Bolting Tools

This Equalizer Maxi Set includes two flange spreaders and a wide selection of accessories. Using two flange spreaders simultaneously ensures even and controlled flange separation.

The set is ATEX certified, which means it has gone through rigorous testing outlined by European Union directives and is proven to be safe for use in specific environments with explosive atmospheres.

Included with each spreader is an integral hydraulic cylinder, which when used with a separate hydraulic pump makes it easy to exert a powerful force for separating flanges.

Maxi Set Includes

  • 2 x SWi20/25TEEX Flange Spreader Wedgeheads
  • 2 x 700 bar (10 000 psi) Hydraulic Cylinders
  • 2 x 700 bar (10 000 psi) ATEX Hydraulic Hoses, 2 m (78.8") with 90 degree elbow
  • 1 x 700 bar (10 000 psi) HP550DMINEX Sealed Hand Pump with Gauges
  • 2 x Sets of Safety Blocks
  • 2 x Pairs of Stepped Blocks
  • 2 x Hex Keys
  • 2 x Safety Lanyards
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Carry Case, Case Dimensions: 930 mm x 600 mm x 180 mm

User Features

  • Certified for use in the hazardous areas:
  • II 2G ck IIB T6/II 2D ck T85 degrees C
  • Practical, portable, and lightweight
  • Molded plastic handle for comfort
  • Revolving handle to aid horizontal or vertical spreading
  • Offset handle is directly over the center of mass
  • Removable handle for improved access
  • Revolving lanyard connection point
  • Swivel hose coupler with elbow - improves access by allowing hose to revolve
  • Spread indicator markings for clear precise visual progress feedback

Safety Features

  • No finger pinch-points
  • Increased step depth on upper steps
  • Safety lanyard - 1.0 m (39") length
  • Partially recessed coupler reduces coupler vulnerability
  • Forged key components for strength and reliability
  • Fail-safe design - designated cylinder nose seal failure

Maintenance Features

  • Rapid disassembly and assembly
  • Quick jaw replacement - remove 1 fastener
  • Quick tip replacement - remove 2 fasteners
  • Narrow jaw teeth - improved tool wear

ATEX Certified

  • II 2G Ex h IIB T6 Gb
  • II 2D Ex h IIIC T85 degrees C