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  1. GMRF1000
  2. GMRF1000

GMRF1000, Gantry Milling Machine, 394" (10 m) Stroke


Model: GMRF1000   |   Series: GMRF   |  Product Line: Machining Tools

The GMRF Gantry System is a modular linear rail kit to convert Mirage 2 axis milling rails to a large 3 axis milling equipment with a large working area. The Y-axis is determined by the length of the milling rail used and the X-axis by the number of extension rails used.

Typical uses include machining pump and motor pads, steel mill stands, ship building applications, and machining turbine split lines.

Key Features

  • To be used with MR and MRY milling rails of up to 3000mm (118") length
  • Modular jointing system to extend up to 10m
  • Linear rail and precision carriages
  • Quick set up with jacking system
  • Auto and manual feed
  • Optional quick-set magnets for mounting
  • Manual and auto-feed available in either pneumatic or hydraulic

Series Comparison