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CR400, High Flow Hydraulic Coupler, Female Half

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CR400, High Flow Hydraulic Coupler, Female Half

C-Series 3/8” High Flow Hydraulic Couplers make quick connections to hydraulic lines with a flow up to 2,100 in3/min (35 liters) per minute.
Model: CR400   |  ECCN: EAR99    |   Harmonization: 8481200080
Series: C   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools, Workholding Tools, Bolting Tools

The C-Series High Flow Hydraulic Coupler is the standard used on most Enerpac pumps and cylinders up to 10,000 psi (700 bar). These 3/8" high flow couplers provide a quick and secure connections, allowing a flow up to 2100 in3/min (35 liters) per minute.  

They can be purchased as a complete set or individually as male and female halves. Included is a "2-in-1" dust cap for use with both on male and female components. 

  • 3/8" High Flow Couplers
  • Standard equipment on most Enerpac cylinders
  • Reccomended for use on all Enerpac pumps and cylinders where space and porting permits
  • Include "2-in-1" dust cap for use on male and female coupler halves
  • Dimension A is total length when male and female halves are connected.