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HF102, 5 Gallons, HF Hydraulic Oil for Powered Pumps

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HF102, 5 Gallons, HF Hydraulic Oil for Powered Pumps

Enerpac HF-Series Hydraulic Oil is the recommended oil to use with Enerpac powered hydraulic pumps.
For maximum performance and longevity use Enerpac HF-Series Hydraulic Oil in a powered hydraulic system. HF Oil is the best choice for powered pumps and ensures maximum transfer of power.
Model: HF102   |  ECCN: EAR99    |   Harmonization: 2710193080
Series: HF   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools, Workholding Tools, Bolting Tools

The Enerpac HF-series Hydraulic Oil is specially formulated for powered hydraulic pumps. The HF-series oil contains anti-sludge, anti-rust, and anti-foam additives for overall superior performance. The HF-series hydraulic oil prevents cavitation and offers maximum volumetric efficiency and maximum heat transfer. 

The HF-series oil is not for use in hand pumps. Use the Enerpac LX-Series Oil for hand powered pumps. 

Offered in 1 quart, 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55-gallon sizes. The HF-series hydraulic oil has a viscosity index of 100 min. 

  • Specially formulated for power pumps
    • maximum volumetric efficiency
    • maximum heat transfer
    • prevents cavitation
    • anti-sludge, anti-rust, anti-foam additives
  • Maximum film protective lubricity
    • anti-oxidation additives
  • High viscosity index ensures maximum lubricity over a wide range of operation temperatures.