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Hydraulic Hand Pumps

Simplex offers the widest selection of hand pump styles, reservoir sizes, and flow rates to meet your everyday needs. Each pump has specific features that make certain models better suited for particular jobs. Select a hand pump with features that best fit your application. Shipyards, steel mills, construction sites and weld shops can be rough environments for hand pumps. Simplex’s all metal and aluminum designs withstand real world conditions and applications. Simplex release valves have a fine pitch screw and large valve handle for maximum control. Check ball valve design is more reliable than needle valves, and less costly to repair. Simplex hand pumps have low, back saving handle efforts to reduce operator fatigue & back injury. More oil per stroke means less handle strokes per job. Simplex pumps have the highest available oil displacement per stroke, in many cases reducing the number of handle strokes as much as 50%. Pivot linkage provides uniform handle effort at all points along the arc of the pump handle stroke. The pivot reduces piston side loading for longer pump life. Some pump models have four-way valves for use with double-acting cylinders.

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Compact Steel Hydraulic Hand Pump Series P

P20, Two Speed, Compact Steel Hydraulic Hand Pump, 0.17 in3 (2,8 cm3) Oil Flow per Stroke at 2,850 psi (197 bar), 15 in3 (250 cm2) Usable Oil

Hand Pump - Compact Steel
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