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SP35, 35 Ton, Hydraulic Punch

The SP35 Hydraulic Punch is a simple but powerful tool for punching holes through metal. Die attachments are available for creating round, square, and oblong holes.
Punch holes through mild .50" steel and other metals with ease. A faster and cleaner alternative to drilling holes through steel.


Model: SP35   |  ECCN: EAR99    |   Harmonization: 8462490050
Series: SP   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

This hydraulic hole punch exerts a force of up to 35 tons - making it an effective tool for punching holes into steel and other metals. A hydraulic punch is much faster than drilling and can punch holes through mild steel up to 0.5" thickness.

Die sets to use with the SP35 can be ordered separately. Alternatively, you can order a punch and die set, either with or without an electric, air or hand pump.

Included with all 35-ton punches is the SPK10 tool kit for removing and installing the punches into the head.

  • 0.50" thick mild steel maximum capacity.
  • Long life Enerpac single-acting, spring return design.
  • CR400 coupler included.
  • Available separately are standard round hole die sets, square and oblong dies, and electric, air, and hand pump types.
  • CAUTION! Material thickness should not exceed hole diameter

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