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LSA1420-H, Hydraulic Line Stop Actuator, 14-20" (356-508 mm) Plugging Head Size

  1. LSA1420-H
  2. LSA1420-H
  3. LSA1420-H

LSA1420-H, Hydraulic Line Stop Actuator, 14-20" (356-508 mm) Plugging Head Size

Model: LSA1420-H   |   Series: LSA   |  Product Line: Machining Tools

Safe, Simple and Reliable Pipeline Isolation

The Enerpac Line Stop Actuators (LSA), are offered in a variety of sizes. They form part of the Enerpac Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Series that is essential to allow for cost effective isolation of pipelines to allow for maintenance and modifications avoiding interruption of service and costly shutdown.

Unique anti-rotation feature

The durability, ease-of-use, anti rotation feature and fail-safe locking mechanism make the Enerpac LSA a safer choice for maintenance crews repairing in-service pipelines that are under pressure.

Temporarily Pipeline Isolation

The LSA-Series is used to temporarily isolate a section of pipeline for repairs, maintenance or additions without the need to shut down the line.

Safer, easier and more precise alignment

LSA-Series Line Stop Actuators include a unique anti-rotation feature that eliminates excessive play.

This ensures the folding head and sealing elements align easily within the pipe. The control bar design uses a fail-safe mechanical locking device - an important safety feature that prevents the folding head and seals from unseating if there is an unexpected spike or drop in pressure.

  • Maximum working pressure of 1480 psi (102 bar) at 181 ˚F (83 ˚C)
  • Failsafe mechanical lock prevents control rod movement
  • Anti-rotation feature to ensure aligned plugging head deployment
  • Hydraulic control situated at the working end of the cylinder for ease of use
  • Visible control bar depth control.

LSA-Series machines are supplied complete with:

  • Hydraulic Line Stop Actuator
  • Hydraulic valve & pressure relief
  • Certified lifting points
  • Hydraulic quick connections ISO16028
  • Industry standard flange connections
  • Pressure certificate for working pressure 1480 psi (102 bar).