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  1. LPHT312

LPHT312, Low Pressure Hot Tapping Machine, 3-12" (76-305 mm) Plugging Head Size


Model: LPHT312   |   Series: LPHT   |  Product Line: Machining Tools

Hot Tapping machines available in hydraulic and pneumatic drive options rated to 285 psi. Used for hot tapping from 3” through to 12” with 30” stroke.

This compact Hot Tapping Machine is designed for pressures up to 285psi, making it ideal for utilities pipelines such as water and gas. The design enables the machine to fit into confined spaces and its manual feed enables safe efficient cutting.

Machines are supplied complete with the following items:
Air lubricator kit
2 off gasket seals: 2m x 1m x 4mm
Front cover protector for transportation
Storage / shipping box
Pressure test certificate
CE certificate
Packing list and manual.

Key Features

  • Small and portable modular design
  • 30" stroke
  • Capable of drilling 3" – 12" holes (smaller drill sizes optional)
  • 285 psi pressure rating
  • Pneumatic or Hydraulic drive options
  • Can also be utilized to line stop 4 – 8".
  • Auto feed unit optional extra.

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