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Split-Flow Hydraulic Manifolds

Split-Flow Manifolds provide precise control using pressure compensated flow control valves. These pre-set and limit the advance and retract speed of each cylinder. Oil flow adjustment can also be fined-tuned easily during cylinder operation using the flow control valve knobs. Pressure gauges are installed in each outlet pressure line to check the working pressure of each cylinder. The maximum stroke deviation between the cylinders can reach up to 10% depending on the cylinder pressure. Split-Flow Hydraulic Manifolds plug the gap between simple manifolds and split-flow pump systems. They provide easier and more accurate control for multiple lifting points than the AM-Series Manifolds without the need to invest in more costly split flow pump systems.

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SFM41, Split Flow Hydraulic Manifold with Gauges and Frame, For Single-Acting Cylinders

Split Flow Manifold Assembly
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