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ML40, 45 Ton, Portable Hydraulic Gantry

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ML40, 45 Ton, Portable Hydraulic Gantry

Portable, lightweight hydraulic gantry makes installation or removal of machinery safe and efficient
Model: ML40   |   Series:   |  Product Line: Heavy Lifting Technology

ML-Series, Mini Hydraulic Gantry System

The cost-effective, compact ML40 Mini-Lift, with wireless controls offers several key features:

Safety: Stroke synchronization ensures a level lift regardless of load distribution. PLC controlled lifting using feedback from a stroke encoder maintains even height on all legs and will stop the lift if necessary to prevent issues.

Capacity: 45 ton lifting capacity at full extended lift height. Even with its compact size, the ML40 can lift full capacity to full height of 18 feet, making it the most versatile portable gantry in the market.

Compact: Fits through standard doorway and is easily moved and set up. The ML40 gantry can be moved through the tightest spaces imaginable in all industrial settings. Easy to push, pull and maneuver, the ML40 can get into spaces that no other gantry can.

  • Compact design for use in areas with limited space
  • Self-contained hydraulics with synchronized lifting for enhanced safety
  • Powered travel, under load, standard on all models for ultimate utilization
  • Three-stage, double-acting cylinder provides extended lifting capacity
  • Easy-to-use handheld pendant control can operate four legs simultaneously
  • Compatible with standard Enerpac gantry accessories
  • Operates on 115 or 230 VAC single-phase power (1 circuit per leg)
  • ASME B30.1 compliant and load tested under witness of Lloyd's Register