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New Bar Cutters

Safely cut rebar in less than 2 seconds without exploding wheels or shooting sparks

The new Bar Cutters from Enerpac are designed to minimize safety risks. Gas saws, angle grinders and cut-off tools are among the most popular solutions for cutting rebar today, however these tools are also the leading causes of injuries to operators’ hands, arms and faces. In addition to these cut-off tools coming in contact with the operator and causing trauma, cut-off wheels can also explode because of:

  • Tool exceeding RPM capacity of the wheel
  • Inferior, flimsy wheel quality
  • Wheel is damaged or deformed
  • Wheel can get pinched or side loaded

Shooting sparks, dust and smoke also result from cutting with gas saws, angle grinders and cut-off tools. Shooting sparks can cause burns and ignite materials within the workspace while dust and smoke present a health hazard. Preparing for and mitigating these risks can be a time-consuming process, operators must:

  • Obtain a hot work permit when working on a job site
  • Have a fire watch when working on a job site
  • Clear the work area of flammable material
  • Wear flame retardant clothing
  • Wear a respirator if cutting frequently

The new Bar Cutters from Enerpac safely cut rebar without the risk from the cut-off wheel, exploding wheels or shooting sparks. The electric bar cutter cuts #6 rebar in 2 seconds compared to a gas saw in 5 seconds and cut-off tool in 7 seconds. The bar cutter is an efficient cutting method, improving productivity by eliminating the need for time-consuming risk mitigation tasks. The rebar is simply placed in a cutting head and a quick, straight cut is then made by a durable blade. Two seconds later, the job is done.

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Cutting #6 Rebar
Enerpac Electric Cutter Gas Saw
Cuts most bar in less than 2 seconds Cuts most bar in 5-7 seconds
No shooting sparks Shooting sparks
No risk of exploding wheels Risk of exploding wheels
Highly durable, long-lasting blades Needs to have wheels changed frequently
Controlled cutting process Risk of wheel slipping or jamming
Produce minimal vibration, helping prevent HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) Produces vibrations that could lead to HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome)
No hot permit required Additional time required to get hot work permit
Electric Bar Cutters Hydraulic Bar Cutters
EBE-Series EBH-Series
Cuts up to No. 8 Rebar, (1.02" max cutting diameter) Cuts up to No. 14 Rebar (2.04” max cutting diameter)
The versatile electric bar cutters quickly cut through heavy-duty bar up to one inch (26 mm) in diameter without the need for an external hydraulic pump. Hydraulic bar cutters driven by a 10,000 PSI external hydraulic pump for optimal power and a higher duty cycle compared to other cutter types.
Maximum Material Diameter
1.02" 2.04”
Maximum Tensile Strength (psi)
88,900 94,725
Maximum Material Hardness (HRc)
43 43
Types of Material
Up to #8 Rebar, Reinforcing Steel Bar or Carbon Steel Rebar Up to #14 Rebar, Reinforcing Steel Bar or Carbon Steel Rebar
Steel Round Bar Steel Round Bar
Aluminum Round Bar Aluminum Round Bar
Brass Round Bar Brass Round Bar
Epoxy Coated Rebar Epoxy Coated Rebar
Galvanized Rebar Galvanized Rebar
Stainless Steel Rebar Stainless Steel Rebar