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New EVO-P Pump-Per-Point Synchronous Lift System

The advanced, synchronous lift system for safe, fast and cost-effective precision heavy lifting

The Enerpac EVO-P Pump-Per-Point Synchronized Heavy Lifting System is the considered choice for precision heavy lifts. With a dedicated two-stage pump for each lifting point, featuring variable motor speed control and precision lifting and retraction, speed is maximized with unprecedented accuracy.

The flexibility and versatility of the EVO-P Synchronous Lift System offers a choice of pump sizes. This when combined with the advanced motor speed control allows multiple cylinder sizes to be used on the same lift with no loss of speed or accuracy.

From prefabricated heavy infrastructure elements to oversize industrial components, the advanced EVO-P Synchronous Lift System enables customers to accurately, safely and cost-effectively lift heavy loads.

Speed, accuracy and efficiency

Designed especially for use with high tonnage cylinders, the EVO-P Pump-Per-Point Synchronous Lift System provides full flow to each lift point. This ensures a fast, smooth and even lifting stroke - significantly reducing the stress upon the load. Improved speed and accuracy ensure cost-effective heavy lifts; with up to 1mm lift precision and up to 4x retraction speed. This can result in time savings of up to a 75% compared with less sophisticated lifting systems.

Enerpac safety as standard

The increased efficiency provided by the EVO-P Synchronous Lift System offers enhanced safety. Pump-Per-Point precision control and smooth operation reduce the risk of load instability. Shorter high-pressure hoses reduce trip hazards and potential damage to critical connections.


  • Fast, safe and reliable for cost-effective heavy lifts
  • Pump-Per-Point system with dedicated two-stage, full flow pumps
  • Lift accuracy up to 1mm
  • Designed especially for high tonnage cylinders
  • Advanced control for smooth, stable lifts
  • Up to 4x faster cylinder retraction
  • Up to 75% lift time savings
  • Flexible operation with multiple cylinder sizes on same lift
  • Comprehensive range of pump options from 5 – 20HP
  • Innovative Enerpac design, combined with high quality materials and manufacture for durability
EVO-P Pump-Per-Point Synchronous Lift System specifications