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New Line Stop Actuators Enable Safe and Reliable Hot Tapping

Essential inline isolation tools engineered for improved safety and durability

During pipeline maintenance operations which require major repairs or tie-ins, shutting down the whole pipeline will incur significant costs for the operator. The alternative to a shutdown is hot tapping, a procedure that allows work to be carried out without interrupting the service.

One of the key pieces of equipment used in a hot tapping procedure is a line stop actuator (LSA). A line stop actuator inserts a folding head into the pipe to act as a plug - allowing the live product to be re-routed and work to be done on the isolated section of piping.

The new Enerpac LSA-Series Line Stop Actuators offer a safe and reliable choice for maintenance crews working on pipelines. Besides including all of the essential industry-standard features, the new designs enable easier plugging and offer longer-term durability.

Safer and more precise alignment

The risk of a failed line stop is extremely dangerous, and the resulting costs and health and safety issues could be considerable. Making sure a folding head creates a secure seal to plug the pipe is vital to ensure safe maintenance. Yet, many existing line stop actuators on the market are prone to excessive ‘play’ in the control bar. This can cause poor alignment of the folding head within the pipe.

The new LSA-Series addresses this problem with a unique anti-rotation feature. The new method guarantees that the folding head and sealing elements align correctly within the pipeline.

Also included within the control bar design is a fail-safe mechanical locking device - an important safety feature that prevents the folding head and seals from unseating if there is an unexpected spike or drop in pressure.

More Durable

Not only is the new anti-rotation control rod safer than the market standard slot and key method - it is also more durable. The issue with ‘slot and key’ is that over time, any play in the system will increase due to fatigue. This increases the potential for a greater number of deployment issues and sealing failures over the longer term.

Many pipelines that require maintenance and alterations run at high temperatures. Operators using LSA Series machines have the reassurance that the seals built into LSA actuators are rated to 83 deg C (181 deg F) for continuous use.

Durability applies to the exterior too. With the working environment often being extreme any exposed surface finishes should be corrosion resistant. That's why the cylinders feature a powder coated exterior and a hard chrome finish on the control bar.

Compatible with market ancillaries

A hot tapping operation is a multi-stage process that involves several different products that need to work together. LSA-Series users can be reassured the product will interface with market standard items, such as folding heads and housings. This means anyone with the existing equipment who want to move away from their original supplier can buy an Enerpac LSA Series product knowing their accessories will be fully compatible.