New Venturi Valves – Assisted Return for Single Acting Cylinders

Venturi valves improve the reaction speed of single-acting, spring and load return cylinders by up to three times. Venturi valves create a vacuum-like effect in a pump system; drawing the oil from the cylinder back to the pump’s reservoir at a much faster rate which increases the retraction speed of the plunger by up to three times. Venturi valves are available in both manual and electric configurations.

Recommended for High Tonnage Cylinders
Venturi valves are an excellent choice for improving the efficiency of high tonnage cylinders. The retraction speed for spring return models can be slower than desired. Once the load is removed from a load return cylinder, the plunger will not fully retract without additional equipment to force the plunger back into the base of the cylinder.

Retrofit Kits
Retrofit kits are available to upgrade your current Enerpac pumps. For field installation on existing pumps we offer retrofit kits for pumps with the valve models below:

  • Pumps with a VM33 manual valve - order the VUV6MSR Venturi Valve retrofit kit
  • Pumps with a VE33 solenoid operated valve - order the VUV5 Venturi Valve retrofit kit

Upgrading a Pump with a Venturi Valve
For situations when you want to take advantage of our Venturi Technology, but your pump isn’t capable of being upgrade with a retrofit kit. You can replace your entire valve with a new VM33VAC or VE33VAC.

Learn more about the Venturi Valve Models

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