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  1. MITT1B
  2. MITT1B

MITT1B, Combination Isolation and Test Tool, 1" Nominal Pipe Diameter, Applicable Pipe Schedule XS/80, 160


Model: MITT1B   |  ECCN: EAR99    |   Harmonization: 7326908688
Series: MITT   |  Product Line: Flange Maintenance Tools

MITT Series tools obsolete traditional pipe cleaning and system hydrotesting methods for maintenance and construction operations.
Improve operator safety and reduce system downtime by eliminating cleaning requirements and limiting test pressure volume. The MITT series tools improve safety by limiting the test pressure volume and reduce downtime by eliminating cleaning requirements. Key benefits of the MITT series tools include:
- Significantly reduce maintenance project timelines
- Safely perform welding on hydrocarbon lines with the peace of mind of a positive pressurized hydrostatic isolation
- Achieve significant reduction in wastewater (<1/4 gallon of water required for a 24" test)
- Patent Pending

  • Combination Isolation and Test Tool assures vapor-free isolation for hot work and high-pressure capability between seals for testing welds with one tool
  • Multi-schedule capability – up to 6 schedules covered per tool, 40 tools cover 154 pipe diameter / schedule combinations
  • Lightweight, slim and versatile design – no crane required, able to mount in elbows and tees, able to test mismatched schedules
  • High-pressure capability – test welds with relative ease up to 4500 psi
  • Self-centering tools are user-friendly and require minimal training
  • Hydrodynamic capability for heat treating
  • ASME PCC-2 Type IV Testing Device. Contact Enerpac to discuss your specific application requirements.

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