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  1. HT20

HT20, Portable Drilling Machine, 2" (50 mm) Maximum Diameter


Model: HT20   |   Series: HT - Drilling   |  Product Line: Machining Tools

The HT range is a series of high torque portable drilling machines which can be bolted directly to the work piece, fixed using either optional switch magnets or chain clamps for pipe mounting. For multi-purpose drilling and stud removal applications on-site. The various fixing methods available enable the machines to be used for a wide range of drilling jobs in any orientation.

  • Linear rails and guides provide accuracy and rigidity
  • Manual and auto feed operation
  • MT4 / ISO spindles
  • Robust and precision construction
  • High torque geared spindles
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic drive options
The machine is supplied complete with the following items;
  • Toolkit
  • Air filter lubricator (Pneumatic models)
  • Hose connection
  • Storage / shipping box
  • CE certificate
  • Packing list and manual
Options and Accessories
  • Magnetic Mounts: Switch magnet mounts to fix the machines to any steel surface and requiring no change to the work piece. Part number HT20-6
  • Chain Clamp: Chain clamp mounts to fix the machines to pipework and other cylindrical items. Many sizes available. Please contact us with details of your requirements.
  • PP2 11 KW 3 Phase Hydraulic Power Pack: 60 LPM up to 90 BAR –proportional remote operation 24 volt DC fully CE marked. Featuring remote pendant, speed control stop/start, emergency stop, frame with lifting points and load test certificate.
  • Manual Feed Only Option: Reduced cost version with auto-feed removed.

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