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Mirage Portable Milling Machines

Mirage single axis, 2 axis, and 3 axis portable milling machines from Enerpac are versatile machining tools that deliver workshop tolerances on-site. They remain true to the tried and tested technology and heritage of the Mirage Machines range of portable machine tools. These portable milling machines can mount onto the workpiece in several different ways, including bolting, switch magnets, chain clamps and sacrificial plates.


MR-Series Portable Milling Machines - For a robust and general-purpose 2 axis milling solution.

LMR-Series Portable Milling Machines - Purpose-designed for machining heat exchanger division slots.

MRY-Series Portable Milling Machines - 3 axis machines using similar technology as the MR-Series - but with the addition of an extra rail to achieve movement in the additional axis.

Portable Gantry Mill – Ideal for machining large working areas. These are configured by adding a 2-axis milling machine to a GMRF gantry frame. Typical applications for this type of arrangement include refurbishing heat exchanger division slots, or machining motor and pump mount pads.


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LMR2000, 2 Axis Linear Milling Machine, 80" (2000 mm) Stroke
Two Axis
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