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  1. #2TBS

#2TBS, QuickSlide Tool Block Slide, 38.1 mm (1.5") Tool Block Travel


Model: #2TBS   |   Series:   |  Product Line: Machining Tools

QuickSlide Tool Block Slides are devices that mount directly to the face of a clamshell and hold the bits that actually cut or bevel pipe. QuickSlides are available in various lengths allowing multiple mounting positions to account for radial clearance issues and wall thickness prep requirements.

  • External side mount clamps provide quick repositioning of the tool block slide
  • Electroless nickel plating provides increased corrosion resistance
  • Lengthened tool block provides increased gib contact
  • Single gib construction allows for faster adjustment and set-up
  • Side position hash marks assure correct alignment of opposing QuickSlides

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