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  1. SLR2
  2. SLR2

SLR2, RECEIVE Unit with External Antenna, 3 Inputs, SafeLink Wireless Communication


Model: SLR2   |   Series: SLR2   |  Product Line: Workholding Tools
  • SafeLink RECEIVE units can supply the outputs by using the standard Modbus RTU RS-485 protocol. This output uses the 5 pin connector on the RECEIVE unit. If Ethernet protocol is preferred, an ETHERNET BRIDGE is available to convert the Modbus RTU R-485 to ETHERNET IP or Modbus TCP/IP.
  • SafeLink provides wireless communication between the fixture mounted SEND unit and the machine control interfaced RECEIVE unit.
  • A pressure switch is used on the fixture to monitor the circuit pressure. If the pressure switch on the fixture goes open, the RECEIVE unit communicates the changed status to the machine control through either 24 VDC, Modbus RTU RS485 or Ethernet IP protocol or Modbus TCP/IP.
  • The machine control would interrupt the machining process. The SEND unit can also be used with limit switch based position sensing clamps to verify clamped or unclamped status for robotically loaded systems.
  • SafeLink can provide a discrete 24VDC output signal for systems of up to 4 fixtures. Each SEND unit can provide up to three outputs to the RECEIVE unit. The RECEIVE unit has 6 terminal stations, which are assigned to SEND units in groups of 3. So each RECEIVE unit can be paired with 2 SEND units when using the 24VDC output. For extra capacity, an EXPANSION MODULE provides an additional terminal strip, adding 2 more sets of three terminal stations.
  • Fixture mounted “SEND” unit uses radio communication to monitor pressure and/or clamp position
  • 2.4 GHz Frequency Band for global acceptance
  • “Frequency Hopping” used to for signal stability, even in busy production environments
  • “SEND” units are easily reassigned to a different “RECEIVE” unit so fixtures can be moved between machines
  • No limit to the number of systems used in a production area
  • “SEND” units are internally powered by a replaceable 3.6 VDC Lithium battery – provides up to 3-year battery life
  • “SEND” units are sealed to IP-67 for protection from contamination and coolant
  • LED lights for visual status indication
  • LCD Display window for set-up and status display

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