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STTC4000, Safe T™ Torque Checker, 4383 ft. lbs Nominal Measurable Torque Output

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STTC4000, Safe T™ Torque Checker, 4383 ft. lbs Nominal Measurable Torque Output

Model: STTC4000   |   Series: STTC   |  Product Line: Bolting Tools

Safe T™ Torque Checker
Mobile, compact safey device allows the end user to instantly validate the performance of the entire system to be used - not just the wrench only. Allows the user to test the system on-site and in situ.
The user can validate and test the exact torque system (wrench, pump, hose, etc) to give an accurate digital read out.

The user can verify if the torque system is safe to operate, functioning correctly and within the desired safety parameters.

Unique from Enerpac
No need to wait for annual calibration tests to be confident in the performance and safety of your equipment. The Safe T™ Torque Checker equipment can validate in seconds, saving time and money.

Hexagon Reducers
The W-Series Hexagon Reducers in the Accessories table below can be used with all W, RLP and HLP-Series hexagon cassettes.

Safety & Accuracy

  • Durable mobile testing device for Enerpac hydraulic torque wrench systems
  • Delivering ultimate on site accuracy, testing the entire wrench, pump and hose system to be used on the job
  • Consistent and repeatable ±1% accurate range.


  • Durable splash-proof keypad and display for those harsh working environments
  • Impact-resistant composite carry case.


  • Allows the user to validate & test the exact system (torque wrench, pump, hose, etc.) to give a digital read out in Ft.lbs or Nm
  • Easy to operate: power up and start testing
  • Transportable: all in one compact carry case, ideal for use on the road with its durable internal 3,6 V-2,2 Ah Lithium-ion battery. Carry Case Size (mm): 414 L x 328 W x 328 H


  • Can test all Enerpac S, W, RSL, HMT and DSX-Series wrenches of both square drive and hexagon cassettes up to the maximum capacity of the Torque Checker
  • Hexagon Reducers or Square Drive Sockets to be bought separately.

Compatible Hex Reducer for each Cassette Model

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