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  1. HSKJ2500
  2. HSKJ2500

HSKJ2500, Skidding System, Skid Shoe Jack, 45 Ton Push Capacity


Model: HSKJ2500   |   Series: HSKJ   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

The HSK skidding system is comprised of a series of skid shoes powered by hydraulic push-pull cylinders, travelling over a pre-constructed track

A series of special PTFE coated blocks are placed on the skid-tracks. The PTFE surface is matched with a sliding plate under the Enerpac skid shoes, designed to achieve minimum friction coefficients. The skid shoes are connected by hoses to a hydraulic electric or diesel driven powerpack

In addition to our standard skidding systems Enerpac can create customized skidding systems to meet your specific requirements

  • PTFE skid pads with dimpled surface for low friction and long lifetime
  • Easy to replace skid pads, no tools necessary
  • Bi-directional operation using push/pull cylinders avoid the need to reposition cylinders for switching direction
  • Large load support surface on the skid beams for distributing load
  • Bottom of skid shoes equipped with stainless steel sliding plates
  • HSKJ-Series (Skid Shoe Jack) provide the same functionality as the HSKB with the added benefit of having a built-in cylinder for lifting or leveling the load.
  • Skid track sold separately
  • Low-height versions available (See HSKLH2000 model)

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