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BTW3000B, Square Drive Battery Torque Wrench Set, 3000 ft. lbs Torque, 1 in. Square Drive, 115 V with USA-plug

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BTW3000B, Square Drive Battery Torque Wrench Set, 3000 ft. lbs Torque, 1 in. Square Drive, 115 V with USA-plug

The BTW-Series Battery Torque Wrench delivers impressive torque and accuracy in a convenient portable format, allowing a single operator to be exceptionally productive in remote and hard-to-reach areas.

BTW-Series Battery Torque Wrench

Ready, Set, Torque!

The new Enerpac BTW-Series Battery Torque Wrench delivers impressive torque in a self-contained, handheld and portable package. Complete with an integrated digital motor vectoring system to ensure accurate and repeatable torque up to 6,000 Ft.lbs (8130 Nm), the BTW is breathtakingly simple to use. With models available for 3/4" - 1 1/2" square drive sizes, the BTW can be used for most bolting scenarios, providing a versatile solution, no matter the industry.

Pinpoint precision. Time after time

How do we ensure the BTW-Series delivers pinpoint precision? By putting every unit through the most comprehensive pre-programing and calibration process of any battery torque wrench in the market.

And it shows. With meticulous calibration at 60 distinct points - far beyond the standard 7 points of competing products - BTW-Series Torque Wrenches achieve an impressive +/- 5% accuracy across their entire operational range. Contrasting sharply with leading competitors, who only claim to achieve such accuracy at the peak torque reading, this rigorous testing process arms you with the confidence to know that every fastening and loosening task is executed with the utmost precision.

The solo torque expert

When compared with conventional bolting operations that demand multiple operators, along with air or electric-powered hydraulic pumps, hoses, and torque wrenches, the BTW-Series stands out for its ease of use. By requiring just a single operator, the BTW-Series has the potential to double the productivity of two-man bolting teams. Its compact, handheld, battery-powered design makes it ideal for scenarios where physical space is limited or where access is challenging. This streamlines your workflow and enhances accessibility and your flexibility to work in challenging work environments.

Set in seconds

When you're out on site, the last thing you need is a complicated setup process. Setting the torque on the BTW-Series is at the touch of a button. Set your torque target swiftly and tighten with ease, thanks to the intuitive LED display. You can even select your setting in Ft.lbs or Nm, no conversion needed.

Torque with confidence

The BTW-Series Battery Torque Wrench features an anti-slip pistol grip and a convenient trigger for sturdy control and operator comfort.

On the inside, the BTW features a hardened alloy steel construction to withstand the elevated levels of torque and add resistance against wear and tear.

There's also a sturdy storage case included to protect your torque wrench when not in use.

Power that lasts

Supplied as standard with two Enerpac 18v 5.5 Ah Lithium-ion batteries and a 60-minute fast-charger, our high-efficiency brushless motor empowers you to conquer various applications, even in remote or hard-to-reach areas. And to extend run times even further, as an optional extra you can opt for the more powerful 8.0 Ah battery. Furthermore, you can effortlessly swap in your existing CAS (Cordless Alliance System) batteries for unmatched versatility and savings.

Maximum Torque Output: 500 - 6,000 Ft.lbs
Maximum Torque Output: 670 - 8130 Nm
Square Drive Range: 3/4 - 1 - 1 1/2 inch