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  1. SHS45560MW
  2. SHS45560MW

SHS45560MW, Synchronous Hoist System, 4 Cylinders, 240 Ton Capacity, 59 in Stroke, Manual Control System, 400 VAC, 50 Hz


Model: SHS45560MW   |   Series: SHS   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

The SHS-Series SyncHoist system is a below-the-hook sling adjuster (hydraulic turnbuckle) which is typically comprised of multiple specialized hydraulic cylinder and valve combinations mounted directly in-line with the rigging which provides an operator the freedom to precisely monitor and adjust each lifting point independently. The use of integrated cylinder stroke sensors and pressure transducers at each lifting point allow for position and load feedback at the operator control station. PLC controls deliver operator safety while the intelligent hydraulics monitor and guide the compact hydraulic cylinders.

Accurate hoisting and load positioning enhance the capability of a single crane. With the use of a single crane, the load can be precisely maneuvered in a vertical and horizontal plane. Utilizing a single crane reduces risk and cost, and vastly improves operating speed and worker safety. A single crane also reduces the risk of damage from oscillations of wire rope due to sudden crane starts/stops.

The synchronous hoist system can be used for pre-programmed positioning, tilting, aligning and high precision horizontal and vertical load positioning.

  • High precision horizontal and vertical load positioning
  • Pre-programmed positioning, tilting and aligning
  • High precision load maneuvering using one crane
  • Reduces the risk of damage from oscillations of wire rope due to crane jogging and sudden starts/stops
  • Vastly improving worker safety, operating speed and control
  • PLC-controlled hydraulics turn lifting into high accuracy hoisting and load positioning system
  • Double-acting push/pull cylinders with load holding valves for added safety
  • Increased efficiency compared to conventional load positioning methods
  • Complete system tested in compliance with European lifting directive and safety requirements
  • Pump and cylinders includes 4x 82 feet hydraulic hoses with couplers
  • Automatic control
  • Load and stroke monitoring, and stroke control
  • PLC-control and touch screen
  • Solenoid valves with pendant
  • Pre-programmable motions and data recording
  • System warnings for:
    • maximum cylinder load control setting
    • stroke and position control
    • thermal motor protection
    • oil level and filter indicator

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