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Hydraulic Oil

Enerpac Hydraulic Oil is formulated to help you get the best performance and maximum service life from your hydraulic tools. Our LX Oil has properties best suited to manual pumps, and HF Oil is specially formulated for powered pumps. 

The hydraulic oil you select for your tools is vitally important. The grade of oil affects the transmission of power, lubrication, heat transfer, corrosion, and sludge formation. If you select the wrong grade, it may cause premature wear and tear on moving components, or the whole system may be sluggish because it needs to work harder. 

Enerpac offers two grades of oil: 

  • LX Hydraulic Oil - Specially formulated for manual/hand pumps. Available in a handy 1 gallon (4 liter) size 
  • HF Hydraulic Oil – Specially formulated for powered hydraulic pumps. Available in sizes of 1 quart, 1 gallon, and 55-gallon. (1, 4, 20, and 200 litre). 
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    HF100, 1 Quart, HF Hydraulic Oil for Powered Pumps

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