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Hydraulic Hand Pump Safety Handbook

Hand pumps are a convenient, portable source of hydraulic power. They are designed to be stable during operation. For best performance, operate the pump handle at moderate speed. When the handle gets hard to push at high pressure, take short strokes. The maximum leverage is obtained in the last 5 degrees of stroke. Adding an extension to the pump handle is dangerous and is not recommended.

Things to remember when using a hand pump:

• Close the release valve finger tight only. Using tools on the release valve can damage it and cause the pump to malfunction.

• In certain situations the pump handle can “kick back.” Always keep your body to the side of the pump, away from the line of force of the handle.

• Many hand pumps can be operated in the horizontal or vertical position. However, when using it in the vertical position, the hose end must be down or you will pump air instead of oil. Check the pump instruction sheet to determine the correct operating position for your pump.

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