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Safety Handbook for Machine Lift

Enerpac machine lifts are built from a steel housing and a singleacting, spring return hydraulic cylinder. Powered by an external hand or electric pump, the cylinder plunger moves and actuates the machine lift. The support feet on the machine lift must be extended to provide maximum stability. The lifting toe of the machine lift is adjustable to three positions using the slotted holes in the lifting plate. To use, lift the toe and pull it out of the slots in the lifting plate, then mount it in the slots at the required height.

WARNING:Machine Lift Safety

  • To avoid personal injury and possible equipment damage make sure that all hydraulic components withstand the maximum pressure of 10,000 psi or 700 bar.
  • Serious equipment damage and personal injury can result, if the support feet are not fully extended and pinned into position.
  • Do not exceed equipment ratings. Never attempt to lift a load weighing more than the capacity of the equipment. Overloading causes equipment failure and possible personal injury.
  • - To avoid personal injury, keep hands and feet away from the lifting equipment and load during operation.
  • Stay clear of loads supported by hydraulics. After the load has been raised, it must be blocked or cribbed mechanically.
  • Off center loads will produce unnecessary stress on the equipment. Avoid point loading. Distribute the load evenly across the entire surface of the lifting area.
  • Never pressurize uncoupled couplers.Make sure that all couplers areconnected and fully tightened before operating the system.
  • Always provide a flat, solid and firm foundation before attempting to lift any load.
  • Avoid sharp bends and kinks in the hose which will lead to hose failure.


Before lifting a load, the cylinder must be securely attached to the toe lift base. Keep the contact surface between the toe lift and the load clean. The contact surface must be free of oil, grease, or dirt to avoid slippage. Before lifting a load make sure that the contact surface of the toe lift completely supports the load (See Fig. 1). The lock pins must always be properly positioned in the support feet while lifting. Advancing and retracting the machine lift. For complete operating instructions refer to HAND PUMPS and BASIC HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS in this manual.

Important: Always keep the guide paths of the lifting plate greased.

Machine Lifts:

To place the load skates, the load must first be lifted. This can be accomplished easily and safely using enerpac SOH series Machine Lifts.

Click the following link to view the entire Safety Seminar Handbook