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  1. VC10/18TEMAX
  2. VC10/18TEMAX

VC10/18TEMAX, 11.2 Ton, Secure-Grip Valve Change-Out Maxi Tool Set, 5.9 in Maximum Spread


Model: VC10/18TEMAX   |   Series: VC10   |  Product Line: Bolting Tools
  • The Equalizer VC Range of Valve Change-Out tools has been developed to assist in the removal of valves, spades/spacers or gaskets from large flange joints. The span of the tool is longer than a standard Secure-Grip Flange Spreader and is adjustable to enable the tool to operate in a range of situations.
  • Spreading force of 22.4 imperial tons (200 kN) if used in pairs as recommended.
  • Maxi Set Includes:
    2 x VC10/18TE Tool
    4 x M60 (2 3/8") Collets
    4 x M64 (2 1/2") Collets
    4 x M70 (2 3/4") Collets
    1 x HP1000D Hydraulic Hand Pump
    2 x Hydraulic Gauges with manifolds
    2 x 2.0 m Hydraulic Hoses
    2 x Secure Grip Safety Blocks
    1 x Square Drive Flexible Handle
    1 x Vernier Calliper
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Carry-Cases with foam inserts

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