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Vertical Cask Transporter

Vertical Cask Transporter
  1. Vertical Cask Transporter

Vertical Cask Transporter

Model: Vertical Cask Transporter   |   Series:   |  Product Line: Heavy Lifting Technology

The Enerpac vertical cask transporter combines the lifting capability of a hydraulic gantry with the flexibility of a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) to provide safe handling of nuclear casks at spent fuel storage facilities. Each system developed is built to meet the customer’s specifications.

The wheeled cask transporter system features a number of key functional and safety features:

  • Normal steer, 90 degree, crab and auto-rotation turn and drive capability
  • Modular assembly design
  • Innovative cab design allowing operator to face the direction of travel
  • Drop prevention system
  • Integrated Cask Restraint system
  • Low Ground bearing pressure
  • CE Certification