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Electric Submerged Hydraulic Pump WE Series
  1. Electric Submerged Hydraulic Pump WE Series

WEJ1301B, Electric Submerged Hydraulic Pump, 3/3 Jog Valve, 115V, For use with Single-Acting Cylinders

Discontinuation Notice

This item has been discontinued.


Model: WEJ1301B   |   Series: WE   |  Product Line: Workholding Tools
  • Enerpac two stage electric submerged pumps are a quiet, economical workholding power source. Submerged in oil the motor stays cooler when used on an intermittent basis.
  • Reduce cycle times for improved productivity
  • Two-speed pump unit provides rapid cylinder advance
  • Submerged dual voltage induction motor, runs cooler and quieter (60-70 dBA)
  • Available with heat exchanger for higher duty cycle applications
  • Externally adjustable relief valve – no need to open pump when reducing pressure
  • Reservoir mounting holes for easy mounting to fixed surface
  • Full length side tube for easy monitoring of oil level
  • Auxiliary return port, eliminates the need for a separate adapter
  • WEJ-Series:
    • Manual valve control
    • Motor can be turned on and off by remote pendant for jogging capability

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