Enerpac Authorised Service Centres

Preferred partners for maintenance and repair of Enerpac products

Authorised Service Centres provide top quality maintenance and repair services for Enerpac products. Over 60 service centres have been certified throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. A service centre’s authorised status is approved and maintained through a regular audit process by Enerpac.

Certification as an Authorised Service Centre guarantees:

  • Safety is a primary focus
  • Authorised Service Centre staff are trained by experienced Enerpac trainers
  • Original Enerpac parts are used for repair
  • Work shop tools and equipment are adequately tailored for Enerpac repairs
  • Effective administrative handling is in place
  • Repair as new, replacing all wear and tear on parts as part of the repair process
  • Repair under Warranty is supervised by Enerpac

All of these elements and more are part of an audit process which the service centre must pass to become an Enerpac Authorised Service Centre.

Training is updated as products change or when new products are introduced.