Removal of Decommissioned London Tube Trains with a Hydraulic Gantry

SL60 hydraulic gantries were used to lift the trains off the tracks
The train cars were shackled to the SL60 hydraulic gantries lift beams
The hydraulic gantries lifted the train cars off the track
Rail trailers were slid under the train
The hydraulic gantries lowered the train onto rail trailers
The rail trailers were pulled to the nearest station for removal by crane
A crane lifted the carriages off the rail trailers and onto heavy haul trucks
A crane lifted the carriages off the rail trailers and onto heavy haul trucks
Heavy haul trucks transported the carriages away for disposal

Sonic Rail Services
London, United Kingdom

Challenge: Nine London Underground 1983 model stock trains were decommissioned and abandoned in the South Harrow sidings in 1998 when the 96 model stock trains were introduced. The poor condition of the 83 train cars made it unsafe to haul out onto the network to a depot. Sonic Rail Services were contracted by the Station Works and Improvement Program (SWIP) of London Underground to remove the carriages from the South Harrow station sidings, with minimal disruption to the network and to undertake the necessary remedial repairs to the track.

Solution: Sonic Rail utilized a hydraulic gantry to lift the decommissioned carriages off the tracks and lower onto rail trailers. The rail trailers safely transported each carriage to the nearest station where they were lifted by a crane onto heavy haul trucks and transported away for disposal.

Sonic Rail had planned the project to run over 2 weekends, which would have cause disruption to the London Underground. However, the speed and ease of operation of the SL60 gantry system enabled the project to be completed in one weekend.

Products: SL60 hydraulic gantry