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  1. BKD72

BKD72, Valve Mounting Bolting Kit, Metric Stud Kit M5

La description

Modèle: BKD72   |   Série: BKD   |  Gamme de Produits: Dispositifs de Bridage
  • Metric stud kit (M5). Includes 4 studs and 4 stud nuts.
  • Studs are easily cut to length
  • Stud nuts make installation easier
  • Pre-mount the studs into the manifold to help guide the valve components into place
  • The mounting stud must project into the manifold a minimum of .375" (9,5 mm). After installation, torque the stud nuts to 45 in-lbs (5 Nm)
  • To calculate the required stud length, add the stud length for the directional valve and each accessory module used in the valve stack. Add .78" (19,81 mm) to this length. The mounting studs should be cut to this total length.

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