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Low-Height, Pancake Hydraulic Cylinders

Low height hydraulic cylinders (also known as a hydraulic pancake jack) feature a compact, low-profile design and maximum power to height ratio for applications in confined spaces where other cylinders will not fit. CUSP, CULP and LPL low profile cylinders are finished with a tough Nitrocarburized coating for enhanced corrosion protection.  Enerpac Low Profile Cylinders for sale are rated for 10,000 psi (700 bar) and fully comply to ASME B30.1 (except BRD-RD-Series). 

  • RSM-Series Low-Height Hydraulic Cylinders are single-acting spring return for faster retraction and also include mounting holes for easy fixing. 
  • RCS-Series Low Height Hydraulic Cylinders are single-acting spring return and include threaded holes in the plunger, allowing to mount a tilt saddle. 
  • CULP-Series Low Profile Hydraulic Pancake Cylinders are single-acting, low return, and ultra-flat. They include a stop ring to limit the maximum stroke. 
  • CUSP-Series Low Profile Hydraulic Pancake Cylinders are single-acting, load return and ultra-flat. They include a tilting function to help evenly distribute the load. 
  • LPL-Series Low Profile Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders are single-acting, load return and include a lock nut to provide safe mechanical load holding for extended periods of time. These cylinders have a longer stroke than CUSP and CULP cylinders and include a built-in tilt saddle. 
  • RLT-Series Telescopic Low Height Hydraulic Cylinders provide a longer stroke in a compact low height format and include mounting bolt holes for easy fixturing. 

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Low Height, Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinder Jack Ram LPL Series
LPL602, 68 ton Capacity, 1.97 in Stroke, Low Heigh...
Low Height Lock Nut Cylinder
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