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GeniSYS IV Portable CNC Mill

The unique geniSYS Portable CNC Mill provides precise computer-controlled milling and threading. This makes it extremely effective for stud removal and rethreading applications to 11" (279.4mm) diameter. Typical applications include manway covers and reactor studs.

This innovative portable CNC Mill is the result of extensive development and field experience gained by our on-site services division. It completes the job without the need for manually controlled drilling or metal disintegration techniques.  This single machine is capable of both drilling and threading and ejects chips during operation. The motion control console gives you the ultimate in performance monitoring and safety by providing detailed real-time feedback on tool positioning and operation. Application repeatability offers our customers significant value and high success rates in comparison to more traditional solutions.

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geniSYS IV
geniSYS IV

geniSYS IV, Portable CNC Milling Machine, 11" (279 mm) Maximum Hole Diameter

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