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Hydraulic Presses

Enerpac Hydraulic Presses are available in a wide variety of standard capacities and configurations, or you can “build your own” with the easy-to-use matrix. The press frames are a welded construction for maximum strength and durability, and when combined with the power of high-pressure hydraulics, will provide years of safe and dependable service in your workshop. Enerpac press capacities range from 10-ton to 200-ton and are available in Bench, C-Frame, Arbor, H-Frame and Roll-Frame models..
Capacity: 5 - 200 tons
Max. Vertical Daylight: 6.50 - 54.50 inches
Max. Bed Width: 2.00 - 48.00 inches
Capacity: 2,000 - 200,000 lbs
Accuracy: + - 2% of full scale